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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A couple interesting points

Not those points! Though one of the points is related, I suppose. Point 1; isn't it interesting that in spite of my having left a post with the word lingerie prominently displayed, the blog ads spiders have not picked up on that salacious word and found me some interesting advertisements. If I post the word "scooter" or "blog" or "college", the ads change in very short order. But apparently "lingerie" doesn't click with the advertisers. BTW, I didn't leave it up there to be rude or salacious, I've just been keeping pretty busy.

Point 2: How about that fancy font in the previous post? Isn't that pretty cool? That post I emailed in from the job. Previously, I used to have problems with emailing in posts because Blogger only accepted plain text emails. Which, I forgot about and just forwarded that Dr's office joke using the html format that my boss used when he sent it to me. And, surprise! The html format shows up in the post looking just like it did in my inbox! Isn't that cute? I may have to exploit that new capability a little bit!

Finally, I'm pretty amazed that none of my recent posts have garnered enough interest to rouse my capable readers into a comment or two...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A joke from my boss

I recently picked a new primary care physician. After two visits and exhaustive lab tests, he said I was doing "fairly well" for my age. A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, "Do you think I'll live to be 80?"

He asked, do you smoke tobacco or drink beer/wine?"
"Oh no," I replied. "I'm not doing either."
Then he asked, "Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?"

I said, "No, my other Doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy!"
"Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?" No, I don't," I said.
He asked, "Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?"

No," I said. "I don't do any of those things."
He looked at me and said, "Then why do you give a $hit if you live to be 80?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Crash of the PowerPoint Briefing

Sung to the tune of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
(And with all regrets to Gordon Lightfoot...)
The legend lives on from the Fifth Corps on down,
of the thirty meg PowerPoint briefing.
The software its said never gives up its dead,
when the God of Electrons grows angry.
With officers galore, maybe a hundred or more,
it was said that no one could outbrief them.
The good ACE and crew was a bone to be chewed,
when the God of Electrons came calling.
There's more, including the rest of the verses to the song and it's the source for your PowerPoint Ranger embroidered patches. Its at Jim Placke's PowerPoint Humor page. I found this today over at Castle Arrgghh!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I went lingerie shopping tonight-

Actually, I paid for a new bit of undergear that the BSU insisted she had to have, after she went bra shopping. And I dawdled around the lingerie department waiting, well, because they didn't have a chair for me to plunk down in until she was satisfied.

And during my meander through the slinky bits of color and lace, I found these things, adhesive nipple covers for when you don't want the fact that you're naked under that t-shirt to be quite so obvious.

The instructions said, "Do not apply to sensitive skin."

Ah, they're supposed to cover nipples...

Now I'm no expert, though I once might have been, and as I recall, nipples are generally pretty sensitive creatures.

I thought the instructions were funny. Your results may vary.

Monday, May 23, 2005

That Phantom "Moron" project-

I did receive and get installed my new HP150 exhaust from PSF. Its pretty terrific and looks great. It is quiet, no louder than the stock muffler. Installation of the muffler was not quite as simple as it should have been but I did get a satisfactory fit. Pictures will be forthcoming.

I also got the adapter made Friday afternoon so I could use the JC Whitney megaphone muffler. The adapter works perfectly. The muffler is TOO LOUD. Wow. It was obnoxiously loud! I pulled out the baffle pipe to discover just a modicum of fiberglass sound deadening wrap and so bought more to see if I could make the volume acceptable. Repacking the muffler helped but not enough. Bummer. My grand idea stifled...

But its not dead yet because I've come up with a new plan! It requires sheet metal cutting and drilling and welding and a little experimentation. Which I think I'll be trying out this weekend.

In the mean time I'll just use the HP150 muffler and be happy. And try to finish that Escort

The thieves are back!

Looks like its past time to upgrade the security system for the driveway- again! Beloved Spouse rang me early today, right after the boy discovered that his Tracker had been tampered with in the driveway! Seems the crooks made off with his stereo/CD player and CDs.

Dammitall! I've been lax in using the video recording side of the system that I installed the last time this happened because the bench where the equipment sets is inconvenient to reach and it's a pain to be continually rewinding and re-inserting the tape. So now the crooks have struck again and all I did was light up their work area!

It occurs to me that now I have a spare PC that could be pressed into video recording duty instead of using a VCR. I guess I'll be doing a bit of research this week- in my spare time of course...

My own Moron Project- Update

Unlike fellow motorhead and admitted Moron Project adopter Terry, I'm not even smart enough to pick a project that's drivable. Instead, I chose projects like Kye & Sara's Escort to wile away my free weekend hours. I've mentioned already that I decided to install a replacement motor in the car for them in an attempt to increase their mobility and encourage them to bring my grandbaby Astin around to visit more often. So, how many weekends has it been?

Weekend one was the "bring the engine home from the junkyard" and "drag the car to Ogden." Weekend two was "get the old motor out" and "get stuck needing a dealer part." This past weekend was "put the new engine in the car." Note that I did not include, "get the car running" in this weekend's effort...

I got close. Really close. The engine went back in nearly flawlessly on Saturday and since I was working alone, I was really quite pleased that, a: everything fit back in as designed and, 2: that I managed the entire procedure without injury! Sunday then was dedicated to re-installing the power steering pump, the alternator and the AC compressor and the really big aluminum bracket that holds all those items to the front of the motor. Installing the new accessory drive belt required 3 hands but I managed with just the two I was issued. The starter went back in just fine. Wire bundles were re-connected to their proper respective locations. Fuel hoses snapped back into their connectors. Things were looking good for a mid afternoon startup attempt...

But there are connectors left over with no place to connect them... There is a tube connector on the EGR tube that I can't find a corresponding hose for. There's an intake hose attached to some sensor and an open ended hose... The fuel vapor containment system has a disconnected hose and no logical place to connect it. What's an EFCA? According to the decal under the hood, that's what is supposed to be attached to that open end. Except I don't know what it is, what it looks like or where Ford supposedly installed it. And the repair manual I have doesn't even mention it...

So I did not get the car working. I guess I've got to visit my friendly local Ford dealer (again), for some parts advice and maybe some pictures. After that I hope I can figure out what's missing, what needs replaced and what can be safely capped off and still make the car pass an emissions test. I've still got to make a stop for coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. It looks like it might be a good thing that I've made no big plans for Memorial Day!

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Phantom is really getting better!

My Vento Phantom is just about finished with my tinkering. At least for now... I replaced all the panels and pieces that were damaged by the incident with the runaway boat last weekend. I've also been working on the carburetor and the interference fit with the chassis caused by the bigger intake manifold. I did have to take everything apart for the second time for further clearancing as the fuel inlet hose was rubbing and threatening to fail. So I went back to work with the die grinder and got less shy about cutting away metal that might just be needed to hold the engine in place.

Anyway, I cut myself some room for the carburetor and everything when back together much easier. Except now the fuel float and needle is not closing and every time its running, its leaking fuel... I guess its coming back apart tonight.

I've also received my new HP150 exhaust pipe and muffler from PowerSportsFactory! It looks terrific and I'll be installing that tonight. And I found a nice gentleman at a muffler shop today that is building the adapter so I can use my JC Whitney muffler on the PSF header pipe if I choose it over the PSF muffler. I'll get some pictures taken when everything is installed and post them here later!

So I'm excited! The scoot's been running very smoothly since I added the new intake manifold and seems to have much more power. I've not had a chance to test it for a new top speed but it seems much quicker from zero up through 45 MPH. Once the new pipe is installed I'll try to see if my top speed has increased significantly.

Its definitely riding season right now too!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Women in leather...

Why do men's hearts beat quicker, go weak in the knees, get dry throats and think irrationally when a woman wears leather clothing?


Thursday Three Time and Funny Clothes!

SkinnyDan has the questions for today's Thursday Three, and as it is, (or might be) the season finale, I better jump in early. Unlike most weeks where I might get around to responding to the Thursday Three on Friday- or never. So, to the questions!

1) What is, or was, your favorite style of dress, or a particular item of clothing you remember fondly from childhood?
As a child, I had two jackets that I really liked at two different times. The first was a light blue baseball jacket with red and white elastic cuffs on the sleeves and bottom of the jacket. I wasn't a big baseball player but that jacket always felt pretty cool. Later, it was the dark blue, Ford Mustang, Autolite jacket with the standup collar and the red and white racing stripes. It was just like the jacket Mario Andretti wore in the advertisement in the Hot Rod magazine! I think my dad and I even each had one of those jackets and I thought that was pretty cool when we wore them someplace together.
2) What style of dress do you remember being humiliated by as a kid, but your mother made you wear anyway?
The red snowboots! At first, I hated the red plastic overboots that mom bought for me to keep my shoes dry going to school. They were red! Black, 5-buckle boots were acceptable but apparently the store was out of my size. Instead I got red boots with the little elastic loop to fasten. Those boots did turn out to have one advantage, discovered after school. They were the best sliding boots when we played on the driveway of the unfinished house across the street. We loved to run and slide and a sloped concrete driveway was great entertainment. Those red boots beat everybody else's boots!
3) What dress style/clothing choice do you remember as being unbelievably cool at the time that now makes you cringe? Would you actually burn pictures of yourself in the outfit if you ran across them now?
Hmm, as a teenager in the 70s, I had a very purple shirt that I loved to wear with a pure white tie and grey or black slacks. Terry might forgive me, since it was a long time ago and I'm no longer wearing the same style to the food court for lunch and coming under his sartorial scrutiny!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Did I mention its been raining?

If you're a regular reader here, you might have noticed that the Weather Pixie over there on the right has been hiding under his umbrella quite often lately. Its been raining buckets full and it has even been reported that the animals are pairing up two-by-two and watching anxiously for their opportunity to prove themselves worthy of space on the boat. The rivers are reaching flood stage and the high mountain snow hasn't even started melting yet!

So its no surprise to anybody that the ground everywhere is saturated and muddy and unfit for driving on with vehicles. Anybody except 21 year olds with 4-wheel drive and the impulsive desire to yell YeeHaw and go wheeling through the mud puddles. I'm talking about son Noah obviously.

Last night, in the pouring rain he headed out, with girlfriend Lili, originally to get a tail light bulb for her car. They got back about 3 hours later, just before my bed time, wet, muddy and stuck! Some kind soul had actually given them a ride most of the way home but the Tracker had been left behind, sunk to its frame rails in a field, on city property.

I don't do this often, but I told him I was mighty disappointed. The word dumbass might have been used to describe behavior similar to this outing...

Lucky for me, he doesn't even want my help. He was certain that his 2 wheeling buddies will drive up from Salt Lake to help him rescue the Tracker. Which they do, driving up in the Toyota 4Runner that's already had its top set aside for the summer sunshine... That sunshine that was dumping down last night in buckets, remember? So the three neophyte wheelers head out, shovels and tow straps to the ready to recover the the Tracker from its muddy resting place.

They get back to the house about 3 AM. Now the Toyota's stuck too! Gee, I couldn't envision that happening!

When I left for work, they were stacked like cordwood in Noah's bedroom in sleeping bags and the phone book was open to the towing services. Since then I spoke to the BSU, she told me that they got up and instead of going to Job Corp as normal, they rescued the vehicles and were back home about noon. They were going for food before heading into school, very, very late.

This probably is going to cost the boy his commuting and living at home privileges and put him back into the dormitories at Job Corp. That will mean only coming home on weekends, cut into his part time job hours and his girlfriend hours...

Seems fitting somehow.

UPDATE: The boy dodged a bullet with Job Corp! They agreed to just call him tardy instead of absent and so he won't be getting his privileges revoked. I did learn last night that the only thing that saved both of the stuck vehicles was a friendly guy with a cell phone and a buddy with a 200 foot cable. He showed up with a 1 ton dually truck, kept it parked on the pavement and was able to pull them free with the cable. Noah was exhausted and Lili too since she had been pressed into shuttle service for this ordeal. But alls well, no tickets, no vehicle damage, no trouble with Job Corp. And maybe a lesson or two learned...

Brave or Stupid ?

Bruce over at mASS BACKWARDS admits today that not only did he install new living room curtains with his spouse out of town- he picked the curtains out!

He's braver than me.

Lousy weather in Utah yesterday

We had a storm blow through and it was a doozy! Eighty MPH winds and rain measured with buckets! Even had the interstate tied up for several hours yesterday with 4 tractor-trailer rigs tipped over within a half mile of each other!
Winds knocked out four semitrailer trucks on Interstate 15 at Point of the Mountain and at least two on Interstate 80 near Wendover.

No injuries were reported, but I-15 was closed at Point of the Mountain after three trucks were on their sides in the southbound lanes and one in the northbound lanes. The northbound lanes were reopened later Monday.
It was a wild night and one not fit be out in, and later I'll tell you a story about a young dummy, (related to me) that is proof positive that sometimes its better to stay inside when the weather's bad.

On a side note, I found it interesting that KUTV posts news on their webpage direct from the Associated Press and not from their own reporting staff.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Escort torque converter seal- why from the dealer?

I decided early this morning that since I had the engine out, and the torque converter removed, that maybe it would be a good idea to replace that seal that keeps the transmission fluid inside the transmission. After all, its a 10-15 dollar part and its an engine removal struggle to replace it, so why not just do it now, while I'm looking at it.

Except its only available through the dealer! I tried- 3 places, NAPA, Autozone & Checker without success. I don't understand, its just a normal seal, big but a normal seal, but everybody referred me back to my friendly Ford dealer.

So, I flipped a coin and the decision to wait to reinstall the motor until after I replaced the seal won. I decided that I really did not want to be doing this engine swap another time for a leaky transmission.

Getting the old engine out yesterday single-handedly yesterday was a bit of a challenge but I managed. I did have to ask my neighbor for 1 minute's assistance to hold in the torque converter while I cleared the engine out of the way so it wouldn't fall out and get damaged. Other than that- by myself!

I got the old motor out and the new timing belt installed on the replacement motor. I also had to swap the exhaust manifold to keep the proper EGR system parts in place. I also replaced the fuel filter. It fastens to the fire wall and I don't imagine its possible to change it with the engine in the car. So by the end of the day, the replacement was ready to go in, which I thought was going to be today, except for that seal...

Can I be tired now?

UPDATE: I went to the Ford dealer this very morning and the polite fellow behind the parts counter was able to locate the correct seal on only his second try. More importantly, its cost was just $11.28 which was a reasonable price. And half what I expected to pay since it was coming from the Ford dealer. And it was made in Japan...

Anyway, I'm back in business for getting that engine inserted into the Escort. But its going to thunderstorm... Good grief!

Finally- the yard's mowed!

Get off my back already, I got it done! It would have been easier to airlift in brother Tim's goats for a Utah vacation, but I got it done the normal way, with the Murray.

Seriously, my back yard was a real mess, it hasn't been mowed until today. The front yard has been kept under control with a number of applications of said Murray but somehow the backyard kept getting overlooked. Between studying for class, and finals, and Noah working part time as well as going to Job Corp every day, it just couldn't seem to get done. And the incessant rain hasn't helped at all.

Anyway, I was stymied from installing the replacement motor in the Escort today by the lack of a seal that is apparently a dealer only item, so I mowed instead. First I had to modify the mower and create some brackets so I could install the grass deflector that came with the machine but never fit before. After getting that bit of fabrcation accomplished, I mowed the yard with thw wheels set on full-high.

It was a real chore.

The grass was easily as tall as the top of the mower, if that gives you any idea. But, I cut it all down into long hay rows with the mower in the deflector configuration, returned it to its normal, bagger configuration, set the wheels to the normal height, and mowed the second time...

I filled a 90 gallon trash can with the clippings!

Yeah, I tired. But I'm showered and cleaned up and drinking beer. And Pizza Hut will be here shortly!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Border Patrol Told to Stand Down

Boy, here's another article that will get Kenny's stomach churning. It seems that the US Border Patrol management doesn't want any their people to do their jobs! At least not in the area where the Minutemen patrolled last month.
U.S. Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens along the section of the Arizona border where protesters patrolled last month because an increase in apprehensions there would prove the effectiveness of Minuteman volunteers, The Washington Times has learned.
More than a dozen agents, all of whom asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, said orders relayed by Border Patrol supervisors at the Naco, Ariz., station made it clear that arrests were "not to go up" along the 23-mile section of border that the volunteers monitored to protest illegal immigration.
Kinda makes you wonder what they're protecting, doesnt' it? Our borders or their political careers?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Get your graph paper from the web!

Here's an interesting link to downloadable, printable graph paper online. There's a number of different paper sizes, grid sizes and shapes! There is hexagonal graph paper available, just in case you need something like that.

Pretty neat and worth saving.

It looks like December today!

Good Grief! It is snowing like its the week before Christmas outside today! Big, fat, wet flakes, each one weighs a quarter pound almost. You can almost hear each flake thunking down on the ground they are so heavy! There must be 2 inches on the ground already. The streets are slick and tracked and the freshly leaved out trees all around the valley are bending and burdened with the weight. Reports are coming in of power lines and tree branches coming down because of this heavy snow.

Good Grief, its the 11th of May. Its supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny. Or 75 degrees. Instead its 33 degrees and dumping snow. The weather guessers are promising proper May weather by the weekend.

They better be right!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Grades are in! Yeah Baby!

My grades from last term have been posted, I got A's! The microeconomics instructor added a booster to everyone's scores and either that or I did well enough on the final, (or both) was enough to push me into an A. I am very pleased. The management class was easy and a given that I would get an A, but that econ class really gave me grief.

I'm very happy that all that term's grief and hard work payed off.

Michelle Malkin reports on illegal immigration (again)

Kenny, you're gonna love this report from Michele Malkin on her visit to a rally of illegal aliens demanding that the state of Maryland give them driver's licenses.

Make sure to read the police officer's comments in full, but here's a taste:
Lt. Hack amiably told me the protest was "a good thing." When I asked him why, he said "everyone should have a voice."

Asked if the Department of Homeland Security had been notified of the illegal alien rally, Lt. Hack emphatically said no. "We're here to help them."

Even if they're here illegally? I asked. "We don't want to initimidate anyone," said Lt. Hack.
This is a problem/circumstance that America needs to get control of in the immediate future. Kenny, over there at Coffee in the Morning has a much better grip on the subject as a whole than I do but I think this illegal immigration circumstance cannot be ignored indefinitely.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Its Hummer Time!

So break out the baggy parachute pants and silk shirts!

Oh. Wait. Never mind the baggy pants. Just break out the sugar and red food coloring because the hummers are back! The hummingbirds! My tiny, buzzy friends are in the neighborhood and at my feeder again. So far I've only seen one but I suspect he's an advance man for the main flock.

Anyway, the feeder is up and filled and we're ready for the fun.

I bought an engine today too!

Or, I bought another engine today, I might say... this one is in a Ford Escort, a 1.9 liter motor for Kye & Sara's currently busted second car. I found it at only the second place I stopped, at a price, $425 + tax, that I was willing to pay and from one of the friendlier wrecking yard operators in our town. If the weather's tolerable tomorrow, I'm going out to pull it and drag it home.

Then next weekend I'll drag Kye's Escort up to the house and work to get the bad motor swapped with the good one.

I have an ulterior motive for my efforts... If I can get their 2nd car running for them, not only will it increase Kye's mobility during the day while Sara's working, but he'll be able to visit and bring my grandbaby to visit more often!

But you already figured that out I suppose.

we went to the movies this afternoon

and we saw Crash, strictly because the BSU knew Sandra Bullock was in the film and she likes Sandra. And we went early- at 4:15 because we could and because its always much less crowded and noisy.

Except today. There were 8 people in the theater. Two of them sitting just 3 rows behind us talked constantly through the entire movie! They ignored a couple shushes from both the BSU and another viewer and carried on as if they were getting paid to critique as the film played out.

After the moview ended, I spoke to both of them and suggested that the next time they wanted out of the house for a two hour talking jag date that maybe Starbucks would be more appropriate. The man had the nerve to suggest that they were unaware of their causing any disturbance and the woman simply offered that I must not attend too many movies with crowds or children. And I told her no, I came to the early show to avoid those crowds and noisy children! She was totally unapologetic, saw it as her right to yack away disrupting anyone else's space as she felt.

The movie is very good. Suspenseful and dark and intriquing. I really liked it and the BSU did too. I recommend it but won't spoil it. So go see it for yourself!

Isn't this a Google bomb?

I think that's what its called when Google only returns one hit for a search. Turns out, I've got one. Just discovered today, rooting around in my referrals was this one, "i'm bald and short".

Yup. That's me alright!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

One more night-

Cue the Phil Collins CD, because that's exactly what I have left in this term- one more night. Tonight. As previously mentioned, my group in Management class is giving a presentation for our final requirement. We've practiced, we've timed it, we've teaked the charts to match our text and we have agreed upon business casual dress instead of our usual jeans and sweatshirts and whatever's comfortable.

We are going to go first of all the groups, letting us set the bar for the rest of the class to try to reach. We've got great charts, visual, informative and simple and they end with the Monorail song from the Simpson's tv show.

It should be fun. And afterwards, I'm done for a month! Instead of schoolwork, I'l have yard work and vehicle repairs and camping plans to attend to.

I am SO ready. Unless the instructor offers up some extra credit, I'll only be getting a B in microeconomics, only my second B since I started this school effort. That does not make me happy!

But I've got a month off to rest up and get happy before plunging back in again!


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hey car guys!

Get your speakers cranked up and get over to to check out the fantastic race car videos! I found this today thanks to and what a treat! Scroll down until you get to the former Roger Penske/ Mark Donahue Sunoco Camaro and really let your cubical mates have it with the sound of that full race Chevy smallblock in full song. It really is musical. The interview and video of Brian Redman talking about the 3.5 BMW is really good to.

Music. Its really music!

Do you hate that plastic packaging in use these days?

If you hate that tough, clear packaging plastic that seemingly everything I want to purchase comes trapped in as much as I do, then you want one of these OpenX tools. I really do hate this latest method of securing items from thievery that seemingly every manufacturer has resorted to. Its frustrating and hard on knife blades and scissors and it just generally makes me grumble when I'n trying to rescue whatever little gadget that I've just purchased.

So I'm buying an OpenX. They're available at Target, Office Depot and online. There's video of how they work on the media page if you want to check it out.

Monday, May 02, 2005

The BSU hates my new t-shirt...

But I knew she would. That's NOT why I bought my Nation of Riflemen t-shirt. But it arrived today and I'm wearing it right now, and I like it...

Thanks Kim!

The next shirt is going to be this Celebrate Diversity shirt!

Busy, busy, busy

But what's different today than any other, right? Is finals week so I'm just about ready to be less busy but first I've got to get through 2 tests and a group presentation between now and Wednesday night. There is good news, one of the tests, management is a take-home and the instructor is an idiot, so that test should be a no-brainer. The second test, in microeconomics, is a proctored test and also open book. I have NOT been looking forward to this test because I have not done as well in this economics class as I would have liked. Fact is, this is the toughest class I have taken so far in my degree pursuit. I only discovered last night that the test would be open book and with that variable solved I think I've got at least a fighting chance of getting out of there with a B grade.

The group presentation for management should actually be fun, we are presenting our fictitious high speed monorail company, the Northern Utah Transit. Yes, our slogan is "Ride the NUT." The group I am in is without a doubt the best of the groups in the class and we work pretty well together. Yesterday we met for a couple hours to review each others material, coordinate our numbers and build the PowerPoint slides to support out presentation. And of course, since the company operates monorail trains, we end our slides with the monorail song from the Simpson's TV show... In our first presentation a few weeks back we used the Springfield Quickie-Mart as part of our introduction skit. This time we are playing it straight throughout the briefing and then ending with a light hearted note.

Noah is officially a grown up, his 21st birthday was this past Thursday. We celebrated at Famous Dave's for a barbeque feast with his (still) girlfriend Lily. Kye, Sara and Astin joined us too though Sara wouldn't let me give Astin a rib bone to gnaw on. Not yet anyway...

Friday was a trip to Heber City with the BSU to pick up some off-roading parts for the Tracker for the boy's b-day present. It turned out to be a very nice day for a little drive and both of us had a very nice day. Lots of green in the farmlands along the river right now and the pastures were home to many gangly calves and frolicking lambs to entertain us as we passed by. We even stopped at a neat gift shop in Heber where we purchased a piece of steel house art that will require my installation attention later.

Saturday was all homework and grocery shopping, Sunday was more homework for the morning, followed by the previously mentioned presentation review and kart racing at Speed Street in the afternoon. That was Noah's request for his birthday, so he brought along two of his buddies and we spent a few hours racing, playing video games and shooting pool. And eating pizza. It's a terrific way to burn up some money and get the adrenaline flowing!

Anyway, class finishes up on Wednesday, then I'm free until the first week of June! I've got yard work to do, the scooter parts need installed and I've promised to get the camper out and spend a weekend or two just relaxing with the spouse in the woods someplace. I should also be hunting down and installing a replacement motor in Kye & Sara's second car and the truck needs some maintenance this month. Lots of relaxation, right?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I've got a search function!

Check it out! Its over there on the right hand side and it searches just here at Wasted Electrons! This is something I just stumbled across tonight reading some blogs I've never visited before. But there it is.

You can get it for yourself at Fusion Just follow the simple instructions for the FREE search engine and they will create the code for you to copy and paste into your template.

If I can do it, you can!